Effective Business Card Designs For Bathroom Remodeling Services

Business cards are time-tested marketing tools that you can use to introduce your company to prospective clients. Through these prints, you can communicate your bathroom remodeling company’s basic information. These includes business name, the services it offers, business address as well as contact numbers. When created with effective design and persuasive text, your prints will help you build visual identity among your market and thus, increase sales. It is therefore advisable that you take time to plan the design of your cards. Make sure that your output is something that your clients will hold on to until the time that they needed your services. Here are some ideas on how you can make your business card prints worth keeping:

Creative Ideas for Bathroom Remodeling Business Cards

o Include useful information. Since the goal is to make your clients hold on orange county general contractors to those cards, your copy should include information that they can use as reference. You may put in the names of the stores where they can get great deals on bathroom fixtures. You can also include a simple checklist of what to do during DIY bathroom redecorations. Adding calendar is also a great idea.

o Do billboard-type advertising. Instead of leaving the other side of your card prints blank, you can use it to advertise your business. You can create a message or use your company’s tagline and present it the way you would on billboard spaces – text that can be understood even at a glimpse. Complement this message with eye-catching bathroom designs or graphics.

o Add an irresistible offer. People love great offers, promos and discounts. Use your cards as coupons. Invite people to come over to your office and present the card for a discount on any bathroom remodeling job. You can add a line at the back of the card that says something like “Present this card for a 20% discount on bathroom sink remodeling.” You can also offer free small bathroom fixtures for any remodeling project upon presenting the card.

o Turn it into a note card. You can make your card prints note-worthy by including lined section at the back. You can use this to write personal messages or little notes before handing the copy to your clients. Use the space to write down the date or time of a meeting or the prices of your remodeling services. This will give your business cards a more personal touch.

You have to keep in mind that since your first contact to your prospective clients is through business cards, it is imperative to leave a good impression. Therefore, you should not think that the design of your prints as a minor matter. Be creative and use your imagination when planning your copy’s design. You can use the ideas above. Your printing company might also have interesting ideas to fine-tune the design of your prints.