So there I was, sitting in my town home with drops of sweat leaking off from my nose, and I had no idea that home appliance insurance existed. I was 3 yoa and had just bought my first home and BAM, my air conditioning unit quit on me. Just the night before, I had an event inside my house and everybody was adding to me on the purchase of my home and saying how responsible I was and how they were so envious. But they are not thinking about my house being nearly two decades old.

So what happened to my AC and how was I going to get it fixed?

Well the fact was, I didn’t have an air conditioning unit. I had a heat pump, but all that I knew was that we needed to get it fixed quickly. I lived in the DEEP south so having an air conditioning unit is not just a convenience, it’s a requirement. Trust me.

My heat pump compressor failed so that hot and cold ac lg meant that the whole unit must be replaced. And how much made it happen cost? It cost a total of approximately fifteen hundred dollars. But keep this in mind, that was over fifteen years ago! A repair or replacement of a heat pump today could cost easily over $5000. if 16 SEER means anything to you, guess what happens After all.

Usually are not needs a home warranty?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, I sure needed a home warranty when my AC quit on me. The fact was, at the time, I could have purchased one approximately $ 200. So what lesson did I learn? Every house that we have purchased consequently has been purchased with some sort of home warranty or appliance repair insurance. It’s as simple as that.

Does everyone need to by this type of insurance?

No. Not at all. Let me explain myself. If you have purchased a brand new home, in which case you have no need for a home warranty. Here’s why. If you buy a house that is freshly built then you will be covered by a contractors guarantee. We are not talking about a wink and a handshake here. A contractor’s warranty or guarantee is mandated legally in many states to protect consumers.

So what is the meaning of the story?

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