How to Evaluate a Personal Injury Law Firm

When you experience an injury due to someone else negligence it can be a difficult time. Finding restitution for your injuries can help ease your burden. A good personal injury lawyer can help you facilitate this process through settlements and if necessary a law suit. Just because your injury was a result of someone else negligence doesn’t mean that you’ll win your case or that the other party will even offer to settle. That’s why it is so important to find the right accident attorney that can assist you in this matter.

The attorney or firm you choose to represent you will be critical to the success or failure of your case. Some important factors you should consider are:

Experience and knowledge of state law
The success ratio
The general philosophy and nature of the firm
Your own personal gut feeling you have after you meet the attorneys.
Have they tried similar cases.
Questions You May Want to Consider Asking

Does the firm have a great deal of experience handling personal injury cases?
Do the attorneys who will be in charge of your case have in-depth experience with similar cases?
How many cases have they handled previously? Houston Car Accident Lawyer
What is the firm’s success rate?
You should find it beneficial to be represented by attorneys who have extensive experience with personal injury. Law firms and attorneys that dabble in multiple areas may not have the same in depth knowledge as an attorney that focuses primarily on personal injury. You don’t want your attorney to use your case as his/her educational session. Your attorney should already be familiar with personal injury law and should have historical record of success.

Commitment to Your Case

The value your attorney is able to provide can decrease if you are one of thousands of accident files that they are handling. Your attorney should provide you with the individual attention your case requires and deserves. You should be comfortable that the personal injury law firm or lawyer will represent you and will devote its attorney’s time and effort necessary for success with your case.

Ask For Proof

There is nothing wrong with asking for proof from law firms or attorneys. Yes, there is client attorney privilege but is a law firm that does a good job will have clients that don’t mind being used as references. Also, some law firms keep track of settlements and decisions which they may be able to share with you as well.