The Sims Social: Socializing and Mingling With Facebook Friends

The most popular single-player desktop series, which is the Sims Social, is making advanced steps by putting a version on Facebook. This method has also been adapted by the Civilization World game. It is still the same game play that you already know. It’s just that it has a social layer above it. You can still decorate and build your home and care for your Sims basic needs. The best part of having Sims on Facebook is being able to play and interact with your friends.

Instead of having a whole family, which is the case of the past Sims games, the current version of the Sims Social is all about a single character. But majority of the important elements are intact. Just like ordinary people, your Sims has some basic needs that you need to lookout for and ensure that you are able to fulfill all of them to make them happy all the time. This means ensuring that they take a bath, eat, or go to the CR. Aside from that, they can also hang out and have fun with other Sims friends.

Mingling with friends is the real fun on Sims Social. The best part on this is that the Sims that you interact with your Facebook friends. Compared to other games on Facebook, you can interact with your friend in various ways in order to develop tighter relationships. You can be anything you friendfilter for facebook want when you are playing online. Be a helpful friend or a scary enemy. By exploring various interactions can truly be enjoyable for you and you get to earn more experience as well.

Another interesting twist that you might like to try out is changing the relationship status between your fellow Sims. You can become friends, dating or enemies. However, your FB friend should approve that status. This will allow you to think on your actions and create cute scenarios that you never knew possible.

Majority of the Sims Social desktop features are also present on the FB version. However, they are tweaked in some ways. You will have lesser freedom when decorating your home and you need to purchase the rooms instead of making them yourself. Most of the items you need you have to purchase, like new stove or couches. Furthermore, you need to collect the items in order for you to build them. The wait time to be able to receive the items you need as gifts is excruciatingly long.

The different features that are present in your FB version are not of low quality. They are just different from the usual Sims that you used to play. The Sims social can let you mingle with your friends significantly. You also need to think of productive strategies which make it more interesting.