The World of Warcraft Guide for Easy Moneymaking Tips for Newbies

One thing people who never played World of Warcraft ask me always is how easy is it to earn money to buy stuff, so I decided to make a World of Warcraft guide to show how easy it is to make money for newbies. The wonderful thing about WoW is that there are so many ways to do so.

When starting out you already are making money when you accept your first quest. At first it may look like it only pays you a few copper coins but as you accept more and more quests the monetary rewards get higher. Usually quests have a corresponding item as a reward so if the item is not useful to your class then you can sell it to an NPC thereby adding to your money bank. While doing quests, mobs drop different items for you to pick up. Items like cloth and meat are very valuable if you pick a lot of them to sell in auction houses later. Other trash items may seem pretty insignificant but if you are farming near an NPC who you can sell stuff to, the amount you get from those trash items is pretty huge especially in high level areas where item drops go for several silver or gold pieces each.

You can also learn a profession early on (gathering preferable) that lets you Buy wow gold  mine ore, skin dead beasts for beast skins and leather or just a simple gathering of herbs from plants. After that you sell what you gathered to the auction house for a tidy sum. In less than 6 hours of playing you can probably earn at least 1 gold piece which can buy you a lot of stuff when starting out and in less than 7 days more than 10 to 20 gold if you know which items sells well in the auction house and which do not. So its a good thing to take time to study the auction market. You can also play the auction market by buying low selling high.

One of the important things when thinking of making money in World of Warcraft is bag space. You need a lot of bag space for the numerous items you are going to pick up so investing in cheap bags early on which can be bought from inn’s or bag sellers is a very wise thing to do. Later on when you can afford the bigger spaced bags buy them and sell off your cheap few space bags. It is that easy to make money in World of Warcraft!