Three Cool Decor Designs

Designing any room in your home is much more than painting a few walls and adding some new furniture. With a complex layering of design ideas, home decor and lighting features, any unique design theme can be imitated. What’s really fantastic about decorating with decor items is that it is a personal reflection of who you are and what your tastes and styles may be. Best of all, designing with decor can be a cost effective way to decorate on a budget. Use one or all of these three cool ideas in your house.

French Inspiration

French design styles are classic and elegant additions to any room. The living room, a bedroom and even the bathroom can all benefit from the look of a French decor. chevron wood wall Curling lines and fantastic fabric patterns dominate wallpapers, draperies and bed sheets. Light colored woods help to bring the accent furniture’s features out from the patterns and create a contrast that holds the room design elements together. Fine features like glass figurines, pewter sculptures and cream colored candles add a decor effect that denotes a French accent.

French Inspired Tip: Cream colors and chevron wall coverings aren’t the only typical French decor design. Bombe’ decor items add a touch of feminism to any French decor design theme.

Basket Decor

Baskets used for decor design can create a unique wall tapestry, add a touch of country or layer a shelf with African mystic. Because nearly every cultural design theme has some sort of basket in their past, most decor design themes can benefit with the addition of baskets. Mixing and matching baskets together can create a layered design theme.

Basket Decor Tip:Keep colors and tones similar to keep basket decor from being overpopulated with clutter. Combining different sized baskets creates a linear effect that suits long or tall walls well.

Cottage Chic

This stylish yet eclectic design combines the contemporary look of the French cottage style with the chic country. Amazing earthy light colors and tones flow through the design theme. Vintage furniture keeps the feel of country styling while bright and bold greens, reds and blues create a contrasting color to attract the eye and focus on your decor design. Floral patterns on glass vases, brass bookends and painted white wood furniture help set the tone for this unique and fresh decor design theme.

Country Chic Tip: When decorating with chic decor it’s a good idea to keep clutter down to a minimum because decor items tend to be so vibrant and showy. If you’re having trouble thinning the herd, put all of your favorite decor on a table. Pick out your favorite three items and put the rest of the decor in another showcase space.